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Greeting Cards - Set of 5 Lighthouse Designs


Artist/Maker: Heidi Blanton

Paper: 300gsm hammered card

Dimensions: The cards are cut in our studio; sizes may vary but will fit a 5”x7” envelope (provided)

These greeting cards are created in our studio as reproductions of my lighthouse pen plot designs. The cards are created digitally with a similar style and closely represent the pen sets I use. However, I make these to size, and the designs may have some variations to the pen plots or any other prints offered on the site.

I created my Lighthouse Series of pen plots using old digital images I captured 20 years ago around the Great Lakes in the US. The original plots these are based on have a different style and were generated using Sakura Micron colour sets or Cricut fine liners.

This set contains one of each lighthouse design: Marblehead Lighthouse, Whitefish Point, Gibraltar Point, North Pier Lighthouse, Crisp Point

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