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Postcards - Set of 5 Lighthouse Designs


Artist/Maker: Heidi Blanton

Paper: 300gsm hammered card

Dimensions: The cards are cut in our studio to A6 size

These postcards are created in our studio as reproductions of my lighthouse pen plot designs. The cards are created digitally with a similar style and closely represent the pen sets I use. However, I make these to size, and the designs may have some variations to the pen plots or any other prints offered on the site.

I created my Lighthouse Series of pen plots using old digital images I captured 20 years ago around the Great Lakes in the US. The original plots these are based on have a different style and were generated using Sakura Micron colour sets or Cricut fine liners.

This set contains one of each lighthouse design: Gibraltar Point, Crisp Point, Whitefish Point, Marblehead Lighthouse, North Pier Lighthouse

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